Press On Ted Kennedy The Dream That never Died

Star Tribune September 6, 2009: Katherine Kersten: Kennedy’s actions rarely measured up

Dakota Voice September 3, 2009: Ted Kennedy ‘Haunted’ By Woman He Joked About Letting Drown

World Net Daily: August 31, 2009: How sick was Ted Kennedy?

NY Post Page Six August 31, 2009: Just Ridiculous August 30, 2009: How Catholic were Ted and the Kennedys?

Chicago Sun Times August 29, 2009: The women who stood by Ted Kennedy’s side

NewsBusters August 29, 2009 Kennedy Biographer Refutes Matthews Claim Obama’s ‘The Last Brother’ August 27, 2009 : Ted Kennedy ‘loved to hear and tell Chappaquiddick jokes (audio)

Basil & Spice August 26, 2009: U.S. 1/3 Of 9 To 10 Million Cancer Survivors Are Children, 20% Increase In Survival Rate

The Atlantic August 26, 2009: Statement from Kennedy’s Publisher

Washington Post August 26, 2009: Ted Kennedy: His Life and Legacy

ABC News August 26, 2009 Chappaquiddick: No Profile in Kennedy Courage

USA Today August 25, 2009: Kennedy’s Wives Stood By Him Through Trying Periods

Kansas City Star August 25, 2009: Kennedy Remembered As Flawed Giant

Liz Smith August 17, 2009: Read article here

Toronto Sun: August 16, 2009: Books In Brief

The Buffalo News August 9, 2009:  Ted Kennedy chronicler offers apologies, insights

The Globe and Mail July 23, 2009: The Other President

Boston Globe May 31, 2009: Tiptoeing Around The Kennedys May 10, 2009: Kennedys in squabble for Ted’s Senate seat

Time.Com May 8, 2009: Excerpt From Kennedy Book In Vanity Fair

Boston Globe May 6, 2009: The Future of Kennedy’s Seat

New York Post May 5, 2009: Kids Urged Caroline: Quit Mom

Newsweek  May 5, 2009: Kennedy Intrigue

United Press International May 5, 2009: The real reason Caroline Kennedy didn’t get Hillary Clinton’s Senate Seat

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