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Jeff Sessions’ Battle with the Deep State

BY EDWARD KLEIN/ August 22, 2017

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions: “I want these people behind bars”

If you want to know about the havoc being wreaked by the Deep State—anti-Trump troublemakers in the permanent federal bureaucracy—the man to ask is Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The soft-spoken Sessions doesn’t normally give vent to his emotions, but he recently read his top staff the riot act about the actions of disloyal employees who are sabotaging Justice Department work.

According to a Justice Department source, Sessions slammed his hand on his desk during a meeting and declared: “I want these people behind bars!”

Most of the subversive employees are holdovers from the regimes of former Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, which I covered in my book, Guilty as Sin.

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They’ve been stealing files and shredding documents in an effort to impede Justice Department investigations of sanctuary cities and violent leftwing groups.

“In the past, there were incidents when anti-Vietnam war employees tried to destroy evidence against draft dodgers,” the Justice Department source said. “But those were isolated incidents, and the perpetrators were quickly prosecuted and dismissed.

“But what’s happening now at the Justice Department is a plague,” the source continued. “Employees with access to secure government files have been deleting computer files and destroying evidence.”

Many of the disloyal employees are protected by their supervisors, who are part of the resistance movement against President Trump.

What’s more, even if the saboteurs are found, Jeff Sessions may have trouble getting rid of them.

As Dick Morris and Eileen McGann write in their new book, Rogue Spooks: “As soon as Obama and his people realized that Trump was definitely coming to the White House, they scurried to convert the positions that they had staffed with liberals…into exempt civil service jobs from which they could not be fired by the new president.”