The Jewish Problem With Obama – Part 5

October 8, 2010
The Jewish Problem With Obama Part 5

“The majority of today’s American Jews don’t see themselves as outsiders or victims anymore,” says Binyamin Jolkovsky, the publisher and editor of the widely read Internet magazine “That’s positive. But that feeling of equality has also produced a communal negative. The fear that came with being an outsider also gave most Jews, even non-religious ones, a cohesive sense of responsibility regarding their Jewish identity in general and Israel in particular.

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From Celebrated Kennedy Biographer Edward Klein Comes a Masterful Portrait of an American Icon

May 6, 2009
Ted Kennedy The Dream That Never Died

TED KENNEDY The Dream That Never Died By Edward Klein Although Ted Kennedy ranks among the world’s most fascinating figures, the seemingly irreconcilable parts of his personality have puzzled his biographers. At times-as in Chappaquiddick-he has surrendered to his personal demons. At other times-after an inspiring speech in the Senate-he has been called one the […]

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