Hillary’s Health—Another Clinton Cover-Up

BY EDWARD KLEIN/ September 13, 2016


For the past two years—in my books (Blood Feud and Unlikeable) and blogs (“Hillary Clinton’s Health Is an Issue”; “Is Hillary Fit for Command”; and (“What About Hillary’s Coughing Fits?”)—I’ve been reporting that Hillary is in failing health, and that her campaign’s worst nightmare is that she would collapse in public and reveal that she’s not physically fit to be commander in chief.

During all this time, Hillary’s campaign spokesmen, Nick Merrill and Brian Fallon, have been lying about their boss’s health. They covered-up for her just the way they covered-up for her about Benghazi, emails, and the Clinton Foundation.

Well, Sunday, that cover-up was shattered when Hillary collapsed and had to be carried by her Secret Service detail into a waiting car outside the 9/11 Memorial.


And the whole thing was caught on amateur video.

After Hillary returned home to Chappaqua, New York, her campaign finally fessed up: Hillary had been walking around with pneumonia for at least two days.

But that wasn’t the end of the story, for at that point, Hillary and Bill Clinton got into a huge shouting argument.

Bill argued that Hillary needed to check into a hospital, where she could get a thorough physical exam. Hillary argued that if word leaked out that she had to go to the hospital, it would do irreparable damage to her presidential campaign.

Guilty As Sin By Edward KleinThe complete story of Hillary’s medical cover-up can be found in my new book, GUILTY AS SIN, which will be published October 4 and is available for pre-order on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.






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