“Lyin’ Hillary” Is at It Again

BY EDWARD KLEIN/ October 17, 2017

While she was in England publicizing her book, Hillary Clinton compared Donald Trump to disgraced sex abuser Harvey Weinstein, and claimed that President Trump is an “admitted sex assaulter.”

Her charge is a false and slanderous statement—but the fake news media hasn’t called her on it.

I’ve known Donald Trump for more than 35 years. I’ve written two magazine cover stories about him. I’ve traveled around America with him. I’ve investigated every nook and cranny of his personal life. And I am publishing a new book about him called All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump, which can be ordered on Amazon.com.

all out war

I can say with total confidence that no woman has ever accused Donald Trump of rape, criminal molestation, or paying for a woman’s silence.

Hillary is trying to get herself off the hook for covering up for Harvey Weinstein. She took campaign contributions from him when she knew that Weinstein had a reputation in Hollywood and the worlds of politics, fashion, and media for molesting women.

Furthermore, Hillary’s claim that the accusations of sexual misconduct against Bill Clinton are “clearly in the past” is also false.

Bill Clinton is still taking advantage of interns at the Clinton Library in Little Rock, where he invites young girls to his penthouse apartment for foot massages and wet t-shirt contests.

Hillary knows about this, and that’s why she refuses to spend the night in Bill’s penthouse apartment when she’s in Little Rock.


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