The Biggest Loser in the Sexual Assault Outrage

BY EDWARD KLEIN/ November 28, 2017

Amid all the accusations of sexual assault and harassment, the biggest loser may not be Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey or Charlie Rose or any of the famous men who are accused of intolerable behavior toward women.

The biggest loser may be a woman—Hillary Clinton.

Her fantasy of running again for president has been punctured by revival of talk about Bill Clinton’s sex crimes and Hillary’s indispensable role as his enabler.

This is a pattern of behavior by Hillary that goes back more than 40 years.

Recall: Shortly after Hillary moved to Arkansas in 1974, she sent for her father and younger brother Tony to keep an eye on Bill because she knew before she married Bill that he was an abuser of women.

Recall: After Hillary married Bill in 1975, she hired private detectives to intimidate the women he slept with so they wouldn’t go public.

Recall: On the eve of the 1992 New Hampshire presidential primary, Gennifer Flowers held a press conference and charged that she had had a 12-year relationship with Bill. In response, Hillary joined Bill on “60 Minutes” and defended him. “I’m not sitting here some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette,” Hillary famously told Steve Kroft. “I’m sitting here because I love him and I respect him.”

Recall: After the Clintons moved into the White House in 1993, Hillary stationed her close friend and loyal aide, Evelyn Lieberman, outside the Oval Office to keep women away from Bill. Hillary knew about White House intern Monica Lewinsky, and with her approval Lieberman transferred Monica to the Pentagon.

Recall: In 1998, two weeks before Paula Jones’ deposition in her lawsuit against President Clinton for sexual harassment, Hillary and Bill went to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and were photographed in their bathing suits slow-dancing on the beach.

Recall: In 2000, Hillary ran for the Senate as “the wronged woman”—a fiction that she was an outraged wife, when in fact she was Bill’s accomplice.

Fast forward to 2017: Impeccable Clinton sources tell me that four women are threatening to sue Bill Clinton for sexual assaults that occurred after he left the White House. Hillary has offered, once again, to hire private detectives to discredit the women.

Recently, the Clintons traveled to Little Rock to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Bill’s presidential victory—a celebration that only served to remind us of what their marriage has been all about.


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