The Last Days of the Obama White House

BY EDWARD KLEIN/ January 17, 2017

trump and obama

Donald Trump with Barack Obama in the Oval Office

The media love to compare the “thin-skinned” Donald Trump with the cool, insouciant Barack Obama who never lets anything rattle him.

But is that really true?

You be the judge.

While Obama has been smiling through a so-called “victory lap” with 60 Minutes, The New York Times and other liberal outlets, we’ve been talking to a source who portrays a far different picture—an angry, deeply hurt, and depressed Obama, who can’t get over his party’s defeat at the polls, which he takes as a personal rebuke by the American public.

This source has visited the Obama White House on numerous occasions over the past eight years. He’s slept in the Lincoln Bedroom, dined with the Obama family in the Residence, and received regular updates on the psychological temperature in the Oval Office.

This week, Ed Klein Confidential is going to allow this unimpeachable source speak in his own voice. Here’s his verbatim report about the thin-skinned Obama:

“Barack can’t wait to get out of the White House. It is now the grimmest place in the world. The atmosphere is funereal: everybody looks like they just lost their best friend and their dog.

“Barack is supposed to be cheering people up but he can barely muster a smile. He knows there is nothing much he can do to make his staff feel any better. And it’s just getting worse, with Trump rolling out his Cabinet picks.

“Barack says his whole staff needs counseling to get over their grief. But Barack, Michelle, and Valerie Jarrett have gone from trying to comfort the staff to avoiding them.

“Valerie says that Barack is the worst she has ever seen him. He is grumpy and snaps at people. Michelle is worse; she’s enraged.

“Valerie says she has tried to keep the Obamas separated during the work day, because they bring each other down even more.

“Everybody believes that once it’s over and the Obamas move into their new house in D.C., things will be better. But as long as they are in the White House, it is a constant reminder that Donald Trump is preparing to move in and replace them.

“The only thing that makes them feel better are plans to stop Trump from getting things done. From what Valerie says, that is going to be Barack’s main job going forward—leading the resistance to Trump.

“But Valerie also says that Barack is so distraught right now that he can’t even focus on fighting Trump.”


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  1. Brian Wark January 17, 2017 at 9:22 pm - Reply

    Ah, the true nature of the narcissist comes out in spades, it’s ugly then it always is as they cannot countenance loss of any kind. The faux front that Obama portrays is all part of the “act” of the consummate fraud, constantly rehearsed like his speeches, because that’s what its all about for this guy where there isno substance. A new home won’t do the trick, these two have a long way to go before they reach the depth of their despair – irrelevancy.

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