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July 13, 2003 What If He Had Lived?

Parade Jfk jrJohn F. Kennedy Jr.’s life was cut short just four years ago in a plane crash. What if he had lived? A revealing portrait from the author of The Kennedy Curse. Why America’s First Family Has Been Haunted By Tragedy for 150 Years. By Edward Klein

August 25, 1996 The Man He Might Have Become

Parade JfkIf John Kennedy had lived…He was just getting started say those who knew him well. And, in the months before he was assassinated, he already was changing and growing. New insights from the author of All Too Human: The Love Story Of Jack And Jackie Kennedy.

January 19, 1992 The Other Side Of A Superstar

paradeAt 24, Harry Connick Jr. is smooth, self-assured, fabulously successful onstage-but away from the spotlight, he struggles for privacy. An Interview by Edward Klein

August 1991 Can He Lead Our Schools to Excellence?

ParadeOur student dropout rate is high, acheivement test scores are low, and there are fears that America is losing its edge in the world economy. Now the Secretary of Education proposes a plan to reverse the trend.

August 1990 Ronald Regan Looks Back and Ahead

ParadeYou’re a bird in a gilded cage. You stand in the window of the White House, and you look out at the people walking on Pennsylvania Avenue, and you know that you can’t go out and do that anymore.’ An Interview By Edward Klein

January 1990 First Be Bold

paradeWhat’s next for Jesse Jackson? “The Senate,” he says, “would affect my options…allow me to serve nationally and internationally.”

May 1989 Everyone Has Something To Give

parade barbara bushTo people who want to get involved, Mrs. Bush says, Walk out your door and help someone. Whatever you do, you’re helping me.”

An interview with Barbara Bush

March 1989 One Woman’s Search For Love

parade audrey hepburnA Profile Of Audrey Hepburn