Blood Feud-NYT Banner 175Blood Feud: The Clintons Vs. The Obamas

They are allies by circumstance, rivals in fact, and enemies by personal animosity. New York Times bestselling author Edward Klein pulls back the veil on the most unreported story in Washington— the jealousy and antipathy that divide the two most powerful Democratic families in the country.

The Amateur

The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House

In this stunning exposé, bestselling author Edward Klein—a contributing editor to Vanity Fair, former foreign editor of Newsweek, and former editor-in-chief of the New York Times Magazine—pulls back the curtain on one of the most secretive White Houses in history.

ted-kennedy-book-cover_thumbTed Kennedy: The Dream That Never Died

Indeed, for most of his life, Ted Kennedy played a kaleidoscope of roles-from destructive thrill seeker to constructive lawmaker; from straying husband to devoted father and uncle. In Ted Kennedy: The Dream That Never Died, celebrated Kennedy biographer Edward Klein at last reconciles these contradictions, painting a stunningly original, up-to-the-moment portrait of Ted Kennedy and his remarkable late-in-life redemption.


Katie: The Real Story

In this probing portrait of a struggling news queen, bestselling author Edward Klein rips away the mask that has hidden the many faces of Katie Couric: the strong, independent woman and the needy wife and lover; the grieving widow famed for her kindness to others and the fiercely competitive diva; the consummate television interviewer and the stumbling network anchor.

truth_about_hillary_thumbThe Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She’ll Go to Become President

Despite more than a dozen years in the national spotlight and more than a dozen unauthorized books about her, she has managed to keep many secrets from the public especially about her turbulent marriage and its impact on her career. There have been plenty of rumors about what Hillary and Bill Clinton did behind closed doors, but never a definitive book that exposes the truth.

Bestselling author Edward Klein draws on rare access to inside sources to reveal what Hillary knew and when she knew it during her years as first lady, especially during her husband’s impeachment.

farewell_to_jackiethumbFarewell, Jackie: A Portrait of Her Final Days

In November 1993, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis took a tumble from her horse during a hunt in Virginia. A scarce six months later this revered, fascinating woman of substance, style, and steely will passed away in her Park Avenue home. From the moment she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Jackie embraced a renewed spiritual life and embarked on her final journey in the company of those she loved most. Now, bestselling author Edward Klein – who knew Jackie for more than a dozen years – pens a moving account of those last months and a celebration of the life of an American icon who faced death as she faced life, with all the bravery and grace of a woman who had long inspired the nation.

all_too_human_thumbAll Too Human: The Love Story of Jack and Jackie Kennedy

Of all the great love stories that have had an impact on our times – Eleanor and Franklin, Winston and Clementine, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor – none has remained as shrouded in secrecy and misunderstanding as that of John and Jacqueline Kennedy. Here, for the first time, their story is told the way it was always meant to be told – with such depth and amazing detail that it sheds a whole new light on the relationship at the heart of Camelot.

just_jackiethumbJust Jackie: Her Private Years

From the moment Jacqueline Kennedy stepped into the White House, she inspired a generation of Americans and changed the face of a nation. But underneath the glitter and the hype, just who was Jackie? More than a portrait of a famous celebrity, Edward Klein’s work captures the essence of a woman whose passion for wealth was matched only by her deep need for privacy. In Just Jackie, Klein reveals how Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis finally found the love and contentment she was searching for all her life.

kennedy_curse_book_thumbjpgThe Kennedy Curse: Why Tragedy Has Haunted America’s First Family for 150 Years

In this probing expose, renowned Kennedy biographer Edward Klein-a bestselling author and journalist personally acquainted with many members of the Kennedy family-unravels one of the great mysteries of our time and explains why the Kennedys have been subjected to such a mind-boggling chain of calamities. Drawing upon scores of interviews with people who have never spoken out before, troves of private documents, archives in Ireland and America, and private conversations with Jackie, Klein explores the underlying pattern that governs the Kennedy Curse.

if_isael_lost_the_warthumbIf Israel Lost the War

In the summer of 1967, Richard Z. Chesnoff, Edward Klein and Robert Littell were all working as associate editors in Newsweek’s Foreign Department. A few weeks after the end of Arab-Israeli war the three authors met to explore the hypothetical question of what would have happened if the Arabs had launched a successful air strike against Israel. The idea was not as incredible as it first appeared. Former Israeli Foreign Minister Golda Meir had privately told the authors: “Just imagine if Nasser had gotten to our airfields first. What would have happened…?”

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The Parachutists

Of spies and counterspies, epic adventure and breathless escape, The Parachutists is a novel that goes far beyond the bounds of the conventional thriller to tell the story of a passionate love that blossoms in the holocaust of World War II.

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