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New York Post, October 10, 2015: Clinton’s camp says she ‘could have a serious melltdown’

New York Post October 3, 2015: Hillary Clinton’s legal adviser warns her: Time to lawyer up

New York Post September 26, 2015: Spielberg tried -and failed – to make Hillary seem likeable

NewYork Post, March 14, 2015: Obama adviser behind leak of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal

Breitbart, March 11, 2015: Ed Klein: W.H. has six investigations into Hillary

Slate, March 15, 2015: New York Post: Obama Adviser Leaked Details of Clinton’s Email to Press

Newsmax, March 17, 2015: Edward Klein: Obama Knew, Cautioned Hillary About Private Email Use

Mediate, March 11, 2015: Fox Guest: Hillary Email Controversy an “Inside Job” Ordered by Obama, Valerie Jarrett

Washington Post, July 11, 2014: Ed Klein’s book is out-selling Hillary Clinton

The New York Times, July 10, 2014: A Provocateur’s Book on Hillary Clinton Overtakes Her Memoir in Sales

New York Magazine, August 12, 2014: The ultimate indignity arrived soon after publication: Following a brief reign as a No. 1 best seller, [Hillary Clinton’s memoir] Hard Choiceswas toppled by Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas, by Edward Klein

American Thinker, May 14, 2012: Edward Klein’s new book on Barack Obama, The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House, is a withering portrayal of a radical adrift, in over his head, drowning in his own incompetency — while being weighed down by a small circle of “advisers” who are compounding the problem of the Amateur in the White House

Vanity Fair, June 2009: An excerpt from Edward Klein’s new book Ted Kennedy: The Dream That Never Died, reveals the Kennedy family’s shifting dynamics.