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The Trouble with Andrew August 2011

The Trouble with Andrew by Edward KleinIn the royal-wedding afterglow, Buckingham Palace still has a major P.R. problem: how to handle Prince Andrew, Britain’s trade ambassador and fourth in line to the throne. The prince’s dissolute lifestyle, links to unsavory foreign potentates, and friendship with the American registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein are undercutting the Queen’s efforts to rehabilitate the monarchy. And while many blame Andrew’s problems on his perennially broke ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, Edward Klein discovers some insiders pointing to another woman—his mother herself.

The Lion And The Legacy – June 2009

vanity fair june 2009Senator Edward Kennedy’s diagnosis of brain cancer, in May 2008, touched off an extraordinary medical battle-and a veiled rivalry over who might succeed him as symbolic head of America’s fabled dynasty. Would it be R.F.K.’s oldest son, Joe? J.F.K.’s daughter Caroline? Or the senator’s second wife, Victoria? In an Excerpt from his new book, Edward Klein reveals the family’s shifting dynamics, the confrontaion that led Caroline to drop her political bid, and the triumphant, grueling winter of the last Kennedy brother.

Hillary’s Way – July 2005

Vanity Fair July 2005As Hillary Clinton seeks ere-election to the U.S. Senate next year, she is also considered a Democratic front-runner for the presidency in 2008. But backi in 1999, when the First Lady began to contemplate a political career of her own, she faced serious obstacles, not least the disdain and distrust of the powerful man she hoped to replace, New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and his tough-minded wife, Liz. In an excerpt from his new book, Edward Klein take an inside look at Clinton’s first campaign: the muscle, the money, and the lingering scent of scandal.

Secrets And Lies – August 2003

Vanity Fair August 2003All the world knows the end of John. F. KennedyJr, and Carolyn Bessette’s story. The hidden chapter was the gradual unraveling of their marriage as it slid from wedding-day hysterics into a spiral of depression, drugs and violence. In an excerpt from his new book, Edward Klein explores the conflicts-over starting a family, George magazine, and life in the spotlight-that drove Kennedy and Bessette apart, despite interventions by a couples therapist and, fatally, Carolyn’s sister Lauren

The Hunting Of Wen Ho Lee – December 2000

Vanity Fair December 2000Why did accused nuclear spy Wen Ho Lee spend 278 days in solitary confinement without a trial? Judging from Inside accounts, the scientist was a victim both of his past and of the country he’d made his future.

The Battle Over The Golden Child – November 1997

Vanity Fair November 1997With the mysterious death of Christina Onassis in 1988, her baby daughter, Athina, became heiress to Aristotle Onassis’s $3 Billion shipping fortune. Today, a legal war is raging between 12-year-old Athina’s father, French playboy Thierry Roussel, and Stelio Papadimitriou, the chief trustee of her estate, over the fate of the world’s richest little girl

Young Love -September 1996

Vanity Fair September 1996He was the ambitious young congressman from Massachusetts in need of an elegant, aristrcratic wife. She was the beautiful, troubled debutante on the rebound, pushed by her family to marry into wealth. In a startlingly intimate excerpt from his new book on Jack and Jackie Kennedy, Edward Klein finds that, against all odds , it was the start of a great love affair.

The Unstoppable Peggy Siegal – January 1996

January 1996Whether it’s for Mickey Schuloff’s annual East Hampton gala or a Steven Spielberg fund-raiser, New York Uber-publicist Peggy Siegal is the keeper of the fame, with a 25,000-name database of A-list hard-to-gets and B-list rent-a-crowd durables. Hitting the power-party circuit Ed Klein finds out how Siegal has Erased the line between entertaining and promoting.


Edgar Bets The House – July 1995

July 1995At 16, Edgar Bronfman Jr. fled the tormented history of the House of Seagram and escaped into the movie business. Twenty-four years later, reconciled with his father and wielding the financial might of the family liquor empire, Seagram’s young C.

E.O. is returning to Hollywood as the proud owner of MCA and its fabled Universal Studio. Edward Klein chronicles Bronfman’s stealthy campaign for that glittering but dangerous prize

Trump Family Values  – March 1994

Vanity Fair marck 1994Once on the brink of losing his gaudy empire, Donald Trump is about to take his casinos public in a sale that will net him billions. Joining him in his comeback are new bride Marla Maples and baby daughter Tiffany. For Trump, getting to the altar was as difficult as any of his financial maneuvers.

Paramount Player – January 1994

Vanity Fair January 1994Among the financial wizards in the Paramount takeover battle is a New Age breed of Wall Street: 41 year-old Steven Rattner, the former New York Times reporter who, as a partner at Lazard Fréres, is fast becoming the premier investment banker of his generation. Bosom buddy of Arthur Sulzburger jr. and whispered successor of the legendary Felix Rohatyn, Rettner regularly commands multimillion-dollar fees and bonuses, but, he tells Edward Klein, he isn’t in it for the money.

The Press: Paper Lions – October 1993

Vanity Fair October 1993Media Moguls Mortimer Zuckerman and Rupert Murdoch rode into New York to save its ailing tabloids – the Daily News and the Post, respectively. Is the town big enough for both publishers, or will bullets fly?

Letter From Tokyo: Masako’s Sacrifice – June 1993

Vanity Fair June 1993This month, Harvard Educated, fast-track diplomat Masako Owada married Japan’s Crown Prince Naruhito- and loses the freedom for which she has fought so long.

Mighty Joe Roth – February 1993

Vanity Fair February 1993Former Twentieth Century Fox chairman Joe Roth maybe one of the nice guys in Hollywood, but he knows how to look out for number one. When his boss, Barry Diller left the studio and owner Rupert Murdoch thought he could go ir alone, Roth asked Michael Ovitz to step in, and the result was an unprecedented production deal with Disney. Edward Klein found him unscathed amid the Hollywood minefield.

True Grit – June 1992

Vanity Fair June 1992Diane Sawyer is re-emerging from Prime Time Live’s humiliating debut as one of the toughest women in network news. Edward Klein Reports how she finally beat the glamour rap.

The Sinking Of Captain Bob – March 1992

Vanity Fair March 1992Did the same furies that drove holocaust refugee Robert Maxwell to build a high-stakes media empire play a role in his demise? Edward Klein reports in exclusive interviews with Maxwell’s widow and daughter and with his business associates in London and New York – on the final mystery of the press baron who died a death paradoxical as the life he led.

Costner In Control – January 1992

Vanity Fair 1992With the unlikely success of Dances with Wolves, Kevin Costner has emerged as a serious power in Hollywood. And now that he’s made it to the top, he’s determined to play it his way, which may explain why he hooked up with Showtown iconoclast, Oliver Stone foe his new movie, playing the defiant district attorney Jim Garrison in JFK. Edward Klein reports.

Hidden Mike – November 1991

Vanity Fair November 1991With 60 Minutes, Mike Wallace helped redefine television journalism. And, at seventy-three, he’s signed on for four more years at $2 million a year. What keeps him on the beat? And how tough is he? Edward Klein reports on the broadcast news and blues of the last great newsman of his generation.

A Yen For Hollywood – September 1991

Vanity Fair September 1991Hollywood may have been amused when Japan’s maverick mogul, Sony chairman Akio Morita, shelled out $3.4 billion for Columbia studios and almost a billion more for producers Jon Peters and Peter Guber to run it. But as Edward Klein reports from the boardrooms of Tokyo, the Japanese took a very different point of view.

The Long Search For Etan Patz – June 1991

Vanity Fair June 1991What happened to Etan Patz, the six-year-old boy who disappeared off the streets of New York in a case that stunned the nation and has baffled investigators for a dozen years? Edward Klein uncovers new evidence in interviews with the police, Etan’s skeptical, tormented family, and the federal prosecutor whose exhaustive search has led him from Israel to a counterculture commune – and the the convicted child molester who lurked around the fringes of the Patz family.

Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson – May 1990

Vanity Fair May 1990Since her marriage to American Express’s chairman, Jim Robinson, Linda Robinson has become the most powerful woman on Wall Street. Her P.R. clients include Texaco, Time Warner, and Michael Milken, and she spins a social web that includes the Peremans, the Kravises and the Kissengers.

NBC’s Great Blonde Hope – January 1990

Vanity Fair January 1990As soon as she sat on it, the famous Today-show couch became uncomfortably hot for Deborah Norville. But throughout all the flak she kept her cool and kept her own counsel. Now, she and the man behind her promotion, talk to Edward Klein.

Front Page Drama October 1989

Vanity Fair October 1989In his fight to save America’s biggest-selling tabloid, New York Daily News publisher James Hoge is preparing for the battle of his life. This fall he enters the first round of negotiations with ten of the toughest unions in the business in his bid to give the News a future.

The Other Jackie O. – August 1989

Vanity Fair August 1989The avalanche of trash that is written about Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis only serves to hide the woman that her few intimate friends experience. On the eve of her sixtieth birthday, Edward Klein, an acquaintance for a dozen years, paints a very different portrait of the private Jackie O.

Empire of the Son – March 1989

Vanity Fair March 1989A new era has dawned int he East with with the ascension of Emperor Akihito. His controversial wife, Michiko was born a commoner and educated a Catholic. Edward Klein reports from Tokyo on the stresses that beset the royal family and their role in the new Japan.