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the_parachutistsizedOf spies and counterspies, epic adventure and breathless escape, The Parachutists is a novel that goes far beyond the bounds of the conventional thriller to tell the story of a passionate love that blossoms in the holocaust of World War II.

The star-crossed lovers are two memorable characters – Alexander Albright and Ruth Bar-Adon. Albright, a linguist,a rebel, the fair-haired boy of the OSS, is a Gentile who is selected to assassinate the master-murderer Adolf Eichmann. And Ruth is a stunningly beautiful Palestinian Jew who volunteers for the most hazardous secret mission of the war.

As The parachutist opens, Albright is persuaded by OSS chief Wild Bill Donovan to train a group of inexperienced agents and lead them into Nazi-occupied Hungary. But first, Albright must face a number of obstacles; the schemes of Russia’s double-agent Kim Philby…the suspicions of his Jewish comrades-in-arms…the betrayal of his superiors…an attack by a brilliant assassin…and his own doubts about Ruth.

From Cairo to London to wartime Washington to the Lybian desert to Budapest, the reader plunges into ever-more-thrilling dangers and meets real-life characters like Donovan, Philby, Roosevelt, Tito, Cardinal Spellman and Eichman-all of whom play a fateful role in the ordeal of The Parachutists.

These strands are woven together in one to the most suspenseful climaxes in contemporary fiction. For when Ruth us captures, tortured and sent to Auschwitz, Albright boards a the death train and attempts to organize the first mass-escape of the war from the ovens of the holocaust. Thus begins a terrifying race against time as Albright desperately tries to save the woman who given him a reason for living.

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