Unlikeable: The Problem With Hillary 2017-10-02T12:23:52+00:00

Unlikeable: The Problem With Hillary


unlikeable by edward klein
In this stunning expose of Hillary Clinton and her floundering race for the White House, New York Times bestselling author Edward Klein—one of America’s most respected investigative journalists—whisks the reader behind the scenes and reveals in colorful detail and meticulously recreated conversations the plots and secret plans hatched at the Clinton homes in Chappaqua and Whitehaven and in the family quarters of the White House.

With unprecedented access to personal friends and longtime associates of the Clintons and the Obamas, Klein draws a troubling portrait of Hillary Rodham Clinton, a highly unlikeable presidential candidate and a woman more associated with scandal than with accomplishments, with lying than with truth, with arrogance than with compassion.
Klein’s unparalleled reporting and penetrating insights make Unlikeable must reading—and raise profound questions about Hillary’s fitness for the highest office in the land.


 “Ed Klein is a one-man CIA. He is always accurate and ferrets out the truth. He explains what is going on behind the scenes with uncanny insight and even profundity.”

—Dick Morris, political commentator

“Sometimes the answer is right in front of us. Why, after all the professionally stage-managed PR, do Americans still not like Hillary Clinton? Ed Klein has the answer. She is unlikeable.”

—Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform

“No one has more consistently and accurately penetrated Clintonworld than Ed Klein. Unlikeable might very well be the coup de grace for Hillary’s candidacy.”

—John LeBoutillier, former congressman and political commentator.