The Donald Isn’t Mussolini

BY EDWARD KLEIN/ March 15, 2016


Benito Mussolini.

I’ve known Donald Trump for 35 years and I think people make a mistake when they call him the second coming of Mussolini.

Fascists like Mussolini have a warped theory of the world and humanity.

Donald doesn’t care about theories.

He can be at war with you one day—think Mexico, China and Japan—and be your best friend the next day.

Like many real estate developers, he is an opportunist. He exploits circumstances to gain an immediate advantage, rather than being guided by consistent principles or plans.

For instance, in 1993 he married Marla Maples, the mother of his illegitimate child, because he had plans to offer stock in his gambling casinos and wanted to remove the stigma of being viewed as an unfaithful husband.

vanity fair trump

My Vanity Fair cover story on Donald and Marla.

A lot of politicians are opportunists, but they try to hide it.

Donald makes no bones about it—it’s all about being in control.

If he becomes president, Donald will be in for a big shock. Presidents have to share control with Congress, the media, and powerful entrenched interests.

So the question isn’t whether Donald is a fascist—he’s not. It’s whether he can adapt and grow from real estate developer into the role of a democratic president.


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