Our Decline and Fall

Our Decline and Fall BY EDWARD KLEIN/ NOVEMBER 24, 2015 There is a connection between the West’s weak response to the bloody reign of Islamic terror and American universities’ weak response to the reign of student fascism on college campuses. But no one is talking about it. We used to turn to our great public [...]

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Who Can Beat Hillary?

Who Can Beat Hillary? BY EDWARD KLEIN/NOVEMBER 10, 2015 Among the current crop of Republican presidential candidates, which one has the best chance of beating Hillary Clinton? I have a special way of answering that question. I don’t depend on political gurus, veterans of past campaigns, TV panels, or opinion polls. For instance, I paid [...]

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The Story Behind Biden’s Decision

If you listened to the media chatter about why Joe Biden decided to take himself out of the running for president, you’d conclude that it was all about grieving and timing. By the time the Biden family went through the grieving process over the death of Beau Biden, it was just to late for Joe to get into the race.

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