Hillary May Have Met Her Match In Judge Sullivan


Nearly 50 years ago Richard Nixon’s presidency crashed and burned when he was forced to turn over incriminating secret tape recordings to Judge “Maximum” John Sirica, Chief Judge of the District Court for the District of Colombia.

Now presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has met her ownjudicial nemesis. He is blunt talking Emmett Sullivan, United States District Court judge, who has taken over the case of Hillary and her growing e-mail scandal.

In open court Sullivan, who has a reputation for tough talk and even tougher action, announced during a hearing on the case, “We wouldn’t be here today if this employee

[Hillary] had followed government policy.”

Sullivan has ordered the State Department to “establish a dialogue” with the F.B.I. in probing the e-mail case, seeking to get to the bottom of Clinton’s scrubbing of her secret “home brew” web server, which was kept in the basement of her Chappaqua, New York home.

And the judge said he was “prepared to order the F.B.I. to turn over documents” to the court if they weren’t forthcoming.

In recent years, Sullivan has held federal prosecutors in contempt of court, dismissing an indictment against Alaska Republican Senator Ted Stevens.

In hearings on the IRS scandal, in which exempt organizations director Lois Lerner destroyed e-mails detailing her targeting of conservative groups, Judge Sullivan ordered the tax agency to submit sworn declarations explaining their behavior in the case.

A retired federal judge in Chicago told ED KLEIN CONFIDENTIAL, “Judge Sullivan is fair and even handed, but he is a pit bull when he thinks there is obfuscation.

“Hillary’s only hope is to turn over everything, be totally honest and hope that she wasn’t technically in violation of the law.

“If he thinks she is covering up he will eat her alive.”


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