Bernie Sanders Is Poised To Go The Third Party Route


As if Hillary Clinton didn’t have enough trouble with her e-mail scandal and a possible Joe Biden challenge, now Bernie Sanders is about to torpedo any chance she might have of winning the White House.

ED KLEIN CONFIDENTIAL has learned that the Vermont socialist is poised to declare a third party quest for the presidency, which would all but guarantee a catastrophic split in the Democratic vote and ensure a Republican victory.

Several Sanders campaign insiders say the 73-year-old leftwing firebrand is convinced the fix is in to give the Democrat nomination to Hillary—unless she implodes, at which point the party will line up lockstep behind Biden.

These sources say Sanders believes that despite his ever-growing crowds of fired-up supporters, he’ll never overcome Hillary’s—or, for that matter, Biden’s—advantage in money, organization and endorsements.

“In Bernie’s opinion Hillary is owned by Wall Street and is a hawk,” says one of Sanders’ top campaign officials. “There’s no way he’s going to come to an accommodation with her. He is not in this to compromise.

“The decision hasn’t been made when to make the announcement to go independent,” this source continued. “Right now, things are going great and he very well may upset Hillary in the New Hampshire primary.

“But as soon as she starts piling up delegates with the help of Wall Street money and her formidable ground operation, Bernie’s going to pull out and announce an independent run.

“Bernie’s polling has shown that he has a tidal wave of support among people across the country who have never or seldom voted. They’ll come out for him and pull the Independent Party lever.”

Left unsaid by these sources is why Sanders doesn’t see the folly of his thinking, which will inevitably lead to handing over the White House to a Republican whom he dislikes even more than Hillary.

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