Valerie Jarrett Gives Biden-For-President A Thumbs Up


A close White House insider tells ED KLEIN CONFIDENTIAL that top presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett has given the thumbs up sign to the Joe Biden-for-president movement.

According to this source, Jarrett personally approved the decision of Steve Schale—a leading Democratic strategist—to join the Draft Biden 2016 super PAC.

Schale will help organize key early states, including Iowa and New Hampshire, and be the public face of the growing movement to persuade the vice president to throw his hat into the ring.

“Obviously this isn’t happening without the approval of President Obama,” said the source. “The president, Valerie and Michelle Obama have decided that Hillary is no longer inevitable, and that the best alternative is Joe.

“Their decision is meant to send a signal to Democrats that Joe’s the man and that everybody should line up behind him.

“Joe has a lifetime of vetting behind him and, other than his foot-in-mouth disease, has a record clean of scandal. He has also been a totally reliable, loyal foot soldier to the Obama team.

“The Obamas like him and trust him. He is always on message and they privately believe they would still hold a set of keys to the White House during a Biden presidency.

“The internal polling the White House has done shows surprisingly good numbers for Joe.

“The belief is that with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton coming off as scary and loaded down with nasty baggage, old Uncle Joe comes off as a safe man to handle the tiller of state.”

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