Why Biden May Wait Until After New Hampshire To  Make A Decision To Run


Pick up any newspaper, go online, or watch TV, and it seems that everyone in the political world is asking the same question:

Will Joe Biden run for president?

The short answer is: Biden himself doesn’t know.

The long answer is: Biden is considering waiting until after the New Hampshire primary on February 9, 2016, before making a decision.

“The public struggle that you see Joe making with his heart and his conscience is totally authentic,” one of his oldest and closest advisers tells ED KLEIN CONFIDENTIAL. “He’s still grieving over the loss of his son, Beau, and at this point the chances of his jumping into the primary race against Hillary are 50-50.

“But I’ll tell you this,” the Biden adviser continues, “the New York Times and others get it wrong when they conclude from Joe’s indecision that he is most likely not to run.”

It’s altogether possible that Biden may make an early decision whether or not to throw his hat into the ring. But the adviser and several others in the Biden inner circle are urging the vice president to play a waiting game.

They say he should look at the current presidential primary situation from the point of view of 1968.

Nearly 50 years ago, Bobby Kennedy entered the race against Eugene McCarthy very late in the game—but Kennedy almost  certainly would have won the nomination if he hadn’t been assassinated.

“I’ve told Joe that there is every reason for him not to get in now,” the adviser says. “If he did, he’d be $100 million in the fundraising hole compared to Hillary. She’s wounded, but not fatally—yet.

“He should wait until after Iowa and New Hampshire, where Hillary is likely to falter badly. He should wait for the party elders and super delegates to come to him and urge him to run. Then, believe me, the money will follow.”

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