Why Hillary Isn’t Worried About Biden


Despite her mounting email problems, Hillary Clinton has told close friends that she’s still confident about winning her party’s presidential nomination—and that she can beat Vice President Joe Biden if he gets into the race.

“If Joe gets in, it’ll just give me a chance to sharpen my debating skills,” says Hillary, according to these friends, who spoke to ED KLEIN CONFIDENTIAL.

“It will look as though I actually have to fight to get the nomination,” they quote Hillary as saying. “And being a fighter is the theme of my candidacy.”

According to these sources, Hillary has assembled enough negative research on Biden that, in her view, she can knock him out of the race before he gets very far.

She believes that African-Americans and other minorities—who make up a significant proportion of the party’s primary base—won’t vote for Biden once they’re reminded of his record on civil rights.

In 1978, Biden opposed court-ordered busing to integrate schools, and he later voted in favor of mandatory minimum sentences for federal crimes, even for the possession of small quantities of illegal drugs.

As the New York Times put it: “Scholars say that those actions have led to significant higher incarceration rates for blacks and other minorities.”

“The votes Biden cast nearly 40 years ago will be hard to explain,” say the Clinton sources. “And that’s what Hillary plans to make him do, time after time, if he dares to challenge her for the nomination.”

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