The Clinton Slime Room and Me



Along with Bill Clinton and Sidney Blumenthal, I popped up in a batch of 5,500 Hillary Clinton emails that were dumped by the State Department on New Year’s Eve.

“Our old friend Ed Klein is back with another book,” Hillary’s hatchetman Philippe Reines emailed the then-Secretary of State in May 2012.  “I assume…I can call bullshit on him?”

To which Hillary replied, “Righto—totally wacko.”

Being called a wacko by the Democrats’ presumptive presidential nominee got me to thinking, “Why is Hillary so obsessed with me?”

The simple answer is that I get under her skin. All four of my books about Hillary have been major best sellers, and one of them—Blood Feud—knocked her memoirs Hard Choices off the top of the New York Times Best Seller list and replaced it as No. 1.

Much of the criticism leveled at my books and me can be traced back to Hillary’s notorious attack machine and the henchmen who run it: 

They are:

Hillary’s book-burning spokesman Philippe Reines, who once bragged: “Killing books has always been a fun pastime.”



Her “Get Smart” secret agent Sidney Blumenthal, who is an expert in political wet work.

blumenthal clinton

Blumenthal advising President Clinton back in the day.

Her political Svengali Harold Ickes, who is known in political circles as “The Dark Prince.”

harold ickes


Her repulsive Reich Minister of Propaganda, David Brock, of whom the less said the better.

david brock


These four horsemen of the apocalypse run what columnist Maureen Dowd calls the Clinton “Slime Room.” Here is how Dowd describes the Slime Room:

“A $28 million cluster of media monitoring groups and oppo research organizations that are vehicles to rebut and at times discredit and threaten anyone who casts a gimlet eye at Clinton, Inc.”

As I see it, to be called a wacko by the Clinton Slime Room is a badge of merit.

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  1. Jim January 5, 2016 at 1:01 pm - Reply

    you’re in good company, Ed, along with the families of our four dead patriots and the fighters in Bengazi. I did read last week, however, that the fix is in, the FBI will recommend indictment, but AG Loretta Lynch will not prosecute and Obama will issue a pre-emptive pardon, sometime in the spring before the convention.

  2. werner keil January 5, 2016 at 4:43 pm - Reply

    I have thought about our country & how the liberals have taken it down00Saul Alinsky would be proud of his two(Clinton/Obama) who took his class and learned how to render a a country to a competitor with third (3rd) world countries. Clinton is a bonafide liar & what her & Bill did when she was secretary of state alone , should put both of them in jail. But since our country does not hold any politician accountable. I’m no angel, but I paid for my sins unlike theclintons. The money he was paid for his BS is criminal and false, because it really was not for his speeches.

  3. Frank de Varona, author January 6, 2016 at 4:55 pm - Reply

    Keep on exposing the corruption of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Discuss in the future what Obama and Hillary did in Libya: the Middle East secret and illegal gunrunning operation from Libya to Turkey to Syria and most of the weapons fell into the hands of the Islamic State and the al Nusra Front. Frank de Varona

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